Erin (Pink) Mosley and Tom Kunetz design and conduct interactive workshops and engaging lectures on a variety of personal and professional development topics.
Erin (Pink) Mosley and Tom Kunetz design and conduct interactive workshops and engaging lectures on a variety of personal and professional development topics.
Their workshops blend his improv and discovery-by-doing expertise with her science-based approaches in personal and executive coaching. Together, they open new ways for participants to awaken personal creativity, become more influential, and build successful partnerships.

Popular t
opics include visionary leadership skills, high-value communications and connection, and personal resilience.

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Focus and Engagement
I was so engaged in your workshop I forgot to take any notes! —Kate
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Increased Collaboration
During the workshop, I wrote that I wanted to work on increasing collaboration among young professionals in the company. Within a month after the workshop, we began planning a watershed cleanup. On the planning team we have members from almost all of our departments: operations, IT, customer service, and engineering. It’s been a wonderfully collaborative effort thus far and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here! —Nate

Erin (Pink) Mosley
Providing personal, career, and leadership transformation
Erin Mosley, also known by her nickname Pink, designs and facilitates highly-rated programs that support career and leadership transformations. Her clients include individual professionals at all levels of their careers, companies, non-profit and professional organizations, municipal governments, and academia.

She draws on 25+ years of experience as a professional engineer and management consultant along with certifications as an IMGB Innovation Management Green Belt™️ with Innovation360, an Envision® Sustainability Professional (ENV SP) and  trainer with the Institute of Sustainable Infrastructure, and a Somatic Experiencing Professional (SEP intermediate) with Somatic Experiencing International.  She has also served on several non-profit and advisory boards.

Erin Mosley, Inc. (EMI) provides a platform to support M | K workshops. Learn more.

Tom Kunetz
Helping accelerate personal and professional development
With over three decades of experience as both a practicing professional engineer and a teacher, lecturer, and workshop facilitator, Tom Kunetz provides a perfect blend of practical workplace experience with experiential classroom learning to create learning experiences through lectures and workshops that are high-value, memorable, and lively.

Tom worked for 35 years as an environmental engineer, most recently with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, and is a past President of the Water Environment Federation, a 35,000-member association supporting the education of clean water professionals.

Tom served on the faculty of the Second City Training Center in Chicago for twenty years, where he taught the art of improvisation and comedy writing. He is an accomplished and critically acclaimed playwright, actor, improvisor, and stage director. He can be seen in the award-winning documentary, “Brave Blue World” on Netflix.

Opening Up
I enjoyed opening up more in a group setting. I’m usually introverted. Being “forced” to join a group and be open really felt good. All of the topics over the past two days opened my eyes to a different and new way of thinking, learning, teaching.
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Best in Class
This was hands down the best leadership workshop I have been a part of. Keep it up! 

A Whole New Outlook
My whole outlook on networking, leadership, and my career has changed as a result of this summit. —Patrick
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Fast Change
Tom and Erin changed my perspective within 30 minutes of starting their training. Chloe
Unique Approach
This was one of the best seminars like this that I have ever been to. I loved the unique improv approach and thought the overall message of the day was very cohesive and empowering.
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Empowers Everyone in the Room
Tom and Erin's approach empowers everyone in the room, no matter their background or title. —Kate
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